Conference Topics
- Atomic Spectrometry - Fundamentals and Applications
- Development of New Techniques
- Atomic Absorption
- Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
- Atomic Emission Spectrometry
- Inorganic Mass Spectrometry
- Sample Introduction Techniques
- Speciation Analysis
- Trace and Ultratrace Analysis
- Quality of Measurements and Metrology

Conference Contributions
The conference contributions may be published in a special section of a regular issue of the Spectrochimica Acta Part B. The papers will be subjected to the peer reviewing procedure. In due time, you will find more information and the author's guide for manuscript preparation

Conference Program
The conference format will follow the pattern of previous ESAS meetings, featuring, invited lectures, oral and poster presentations. The scientific presentations will be accompanied by instrumental exhibitions and an interesting social program. For further information and on-line submissions, please visit the conference webpage at:

The official conference language will be English

International Organizing (Continuation) Committee
Ewa Bulska, Warsaw, Poland (Chair)
Gerhard Schlemmer, Jena, Germany,
Victor Kanický, Brno, Czech Republic

International Scientific Advisory Board
Jose Broekaert (Germany)
M.T.C. De Loos-Vollebregt (The Netherland)
Bohumil Docekal (Czech Republik)
Karol Florian (Slovakia)
Albert Gilmutdinov (Russia)
Seref Gűcer (Turkey)
Detlef Günther (Switzerland)
Adam Hulanicki (Poland)
Tibor Kantor (Hungary)
Dimitrii Katskov (South Africa)
Boris L'vov (Russia)
Andrzej Matynia (Poland)
Jacek Namieśnik (Poland)
Mathias Otto (Germany)
Dimiter Tsalev (Bulgaria)
Andrea Ulrich (Switzerland)
Bernhard Welz (Brazil)
Gyula Zaray (Hungary)

Local Organizing Committee
Wieslaw Żyrnicki, Wrocław University of Technology (chair)
Jolanta Borkowska-Burnecka, Wrocław University of Technology
Anna Leśniewicz, Wrocław University of Technology
Piotr Jamróz, Wrocław University of Technology
Barbara Kułakowska-Pawlak, Wrocław University of Technology
Barbara Wagner, University of Warsaw
Mariola Wasilewska, COSEL, Kędzierzyn Koźle