ESAS is the international meeting of scientists to share recent developments, exchange ideas, explore new directions and initiate a possible collaboration in the atomic spectrometry area. Moreover, this conference is intended to stimulate young scientists, to allow them to meet with the authorities in spectroscopy, and to enable passing-on of research experience from generation to generation.

In the 2010 year ESAS will be held at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland. Similarly to the previous successful conferences, the topics cover both fundamental research and practical application aspects of the atomic spectrometry techniques.

The organizers cordially invite you to the ESAS 2010, to the beautiful city of Wroc³aw and its well known University of Technology. We are looking forward to welcome all those working in the field of atomic spectroscopy. We do hope that you will enjoy a friendly atmosphere of the old city Wroc³aw which offers many attractions for tourists.