Invited lectures will be given by:
Boris L'vov, Russia
Mechanism and kinetics of solid decompositions / reductions. Recent achievements or 'All novelties are well-forgotten relics'
Bernhard Welz, Brazil
Progress in the determination of non-metals using the absorption spectra of diatomic molecules in flames and furnaces
Bohumil Dočekal, Czech Republic
Spectroscopic investigations by a High-resolution Continuum Source Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Margaret de Loos-Vollebregt, Netherlands
Sample vaporization in a graphite furnace for plasma emission and mass spectrometry: possibilities and limitations
Krzysztof Jankowski, Poland
Recent trends in microwave plasma sources for analytical atomic spectrometry
Tibor Kįntor, Hungary
New results in the development of laser ablation cells used to inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Viktor Kanickż, Czech Republic
Some possibilities of laser-assisted plasma spectrometry in elemental mapping of selected biogenic and technological materials
Gyula Zįray, Hungary
Microanalysis of biological samples by TXRF and ICP-MS techniques
Ludwik Halicz, Israel
Precise Isotope Ratio Measurments of "Non-Traditional" Stable Isotopes by MC-ICP-MS
Jose Broekaert, Germany
New plasma sources for atomic spectrochemical analysis
Mathias Otto, Germany
Chemometric Approaches in X-ray Fluorescence Analysis
Gerhard Schlemmer, Germany
Electrothermal Atomization: has the Development finally come to an End or is there Room for a Second Youth?
Andrea Urlich, Switzerland
Novel online-micro-flow capillary FI-ICP-MS set-up with electrochemical control for time- and element-resolved investigation of the corrosion behaviour of metals