The conference venue, C-13 building, is situated at the edge of the main campus of the Wroclaw University of Technology, at Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 25, close to Grunwaldzki Square (Plac Grunwaldzki - Rondo Reagana).

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Wroclaw, located in a valley of the Odra river, is the historic capital of Lower Silesia with a population of nearly 700,000 and an area of 293 square kilometers. The town is an excellent example of a multicultural metropolis. It is a beautiful town with original climate and architecture. The specific character of Wroclaw's architecture results from an original combination of material and spiritual factors, noting the existence of numerous religious institutions, monasteries, Gothic churches, and Baroque colleges side by side with commercial establishments and other splendid, often pioneering examples of secular urban architecture. Its charm still remains a little mysterious, even for the people who were born here.
Wroclaw is the third largest educational centre of Poland, with 11 public and 9 private university level schools, and about 130,000 students. Wroclaw University of Technology is an autonomous technical university. It belongs to the best universities in Poland. Currently, the University educates over 32,000 students in almost 50 different Bachelor, Master and PhD programs.

Useful web sites:
Information portal of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland
Wroclaw - all about the city
Wroclaw University of Technology

Location and directions
By car
Wroclaw has easy access to the A4 (E40) motorway, which allows for quick connection with Cracow and finally Ukraine to the east and Dresden and Berlin to the west. From the A4 motorway take exit to the Wroclaw and then follow the E67 road. You can download a map from here
By airplane
Wroc³aw Copernicus International Airport has direct daily connections with many European cities. (see flight timetable )
The airport is located 10 km southwest of the city centre. The city centre can be get by taxi or bus. Taxi from the airport to city center cost about 50 PLN or 15 EUR (doubles during the night). To avoid fraud, it is recommended to ask about the price before accepting a taxi ride or to ask for an invoice.
Bus number 406 (2.40 PLN) links airport with Main Railway Station (DWORCOWA stop). To get to the conference centre, from the Main Railway Station you have to take tram No. 2 and exit at the Reagan's Rondo stop. Prices of bus and tram ticket are 2.4 PLN (normal ticket).
By train
Wroclaw has a direct train connection with Dresden, Berlin, Kiev, and Prague, and relatively frequent connection with Warsaw being treated as main destination airport for all people flying to Poland by various airlines. Refer to the online timetables and route planner in order to search for connections At the Central Railway Station you have to take tram No. 2 and exit at the Reagan's Rondo (Plac Grunwaldzki) stop to reach the conference centre. Please note that the main building of "Wroclaw Glowny" station is under major reconstruction, so the entrance to platforms is located on its east side.
Bus and tram tickets can be purchased at newsagents and in most stores - a single ride costs 2.40 PLN (2.80 PLN at express buses ). This tickets are valid for one ride only. Foreign students (if they have the International Student Identity Card or International Youth Travel Card - GO25) can buy half-price ticket which is 1.20 PLN.
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Other information
Currency and credit cards
Polish zloty (PLN) is official currency unit in Poland. It is subdivided into 100 grosze (gr). The current exchange rate to Euro and US dollar can be found on the following website: (choose PLN as Polish currency code). Delegates may change foreign currency at several banks located in the center of the city as well as in many exchange offices, at the hotels, at railway station, at the airport and many other locations in the city.
Participants should make their own arrangements with respect to health, travel and property insurance before they depart from their country.